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Evolved in the early days from Disco Dancing into the “Freestyle” dance form as it is today. Consists of lots of body rhythm, fast arm movements, with the influence of other genres. Consisting of many leaps and jumps and fast acrobatic type movement in a competitive form.


Slowdance is the breakaway from Freestyle dance whilst Contemporary is the breakaway from Ballet. These two styles now have many crossover features but are perhaps competed in different ways. The Slowdance we offer at competitions and dance exams incorporates the use of dance figures such as jete’s, penchee’s, foutte’s and pirouettes. It is a lovely form of expressive dance through feeling and emotion.

Latin American

A very popular dance style which has huge International recognition and appeal.

In Europe it is “Dance Sport” and elsewhere is still an Art form. Consists of lots of rhythmic hip actions and fast footwork. Dances vary in speed and character from Samba- The Carnival dance of Rio, Cha Cha and Rumba- originating from Cuba, Paso Doble from Spain and refined in France. Jive- developed from American style Swing, Rock ‘n Roll and Jitterbug.


Competed in the same way as the Latin dances. The differences include being a contact dance style and more progression around the floor in an anti-clockwise direction. Dances include the Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep.

Adult Social Courses

These classes have proved extremely popular with young and old adults and children alike. We cover a range of basic social dances perfect for weddings, Matric dances and company functions or birthdays. This is run as a course and covers some basic Latin and Ballroom dances as well as the Salsa, Square Rumba, Rock ‘n Roll, Hustle Argentine Tango and some Country Line dancing.


A dance style made popular by the rap artists and pop music videos. It dates back to the Breakdance era of the 80’s and originated in the streets and is sometimes known as “Street Dance”. It has found a new life in this era due to its adaptability to current popular music. The term Hip hop is now broad as there are so many types that fall under this umbrella term i.e. Locking and Popping, Old School and Krumping.


We offer a package for wedding “opening” dance, here we will choreograph a unique routine to your special chosen piece of music. We can also cover training for bridal parties. We encourage our wedding couples to take a basic Social course alongside their private lessons to encourage them to take to the dance floor more often.

Matric Dances

Many young Ladies and Gents would love to learn some basic dance skills to use on this memorable day and milestone. Many schools have formal dances that it would be a great advantage to be able to get up and participate. We can offer smaller group classes for this. Dances covered will depend on specific requirements.


This style needs no formal introduction as an art form. We do offer the IDTA Ballet syllabus and focus mostly on younger dancers. We develop the children through the use of Barre work and technical skills training. We develop strength and flexibility, good poise and self-expression.

Tiny Tots

We offer specialized training for Tiny Tots (3 - 7 years). We teach basic dance skills and development including the use of Barre and mat work in their music skills and dance training. We develop a love for movement, dance and musical interpretation. This encourages in the child an “active” form of learning.

Competitive Freestyle

This is for all styles and from ages 3 years and up.  Your dance training will consist of group classes and private tuition. We compete at various events all over South Africa and abroad when dancers reach that caliber. Competition categories include solo, couples, small groups and teams. This is for the dancer that wishes to further their dance abilities and training. Freestyle dance competitions consist of six genres namely Freestyle, Slowdance, Rock ‘n Roll, Hustle, Disco and Hip Hop.

Competitive Latin American and Ballroom

This style is for dancers ages 6 years and up, with no upper age limit. Competitions are based on the standard five Latin American dances namely Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. The five competition Ballroom dances are Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. Dancers may compete with a partner in various age groups and skill levels. Sections for single dancers are also catered for as well as all girl couples. Dancers can be trained to compete on a National and International basis.


“From the age of 6, through primary school, high school and medical school and now working as a medical doctor, Dance Illusions has not only provided me with a highly Professional, encouraging, motivating and stimulating environment where I was privileged enough to be trained and mentored by World renowned teachers Chantal and Craig Riviere. It has also most importantly become a second home and family to many dancers like myself throughout the years… which I hope you too have the opportunity of experiencing.”  

-- Dr. Daniella Marques --

“What a pleasure it has been to be trained by highly skilled and Internationally Experienced Dance Professionals, whom encapsulate the beauty of this art form in every lesson. They boast a friendly, motivating and all round enjoyable experience that exceeds all expectations and will keep you coming back for more.”  

-- Terri-Leigh Tavares, High School Teacher --

“There is nothing worse than sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun at a function, that’s exactly how I felt. We all love music, now imagine being able to execute the correct steps for each particular dance… Today I am so blessed to have a wonderful, patient instructor who strives to bring the best out in me. Thanks for reigniting the Dance fire in my soul.”

-- Sally Kruger, Music Teacher --

“When we look back we fondly remember the amazing people and friends we have made along the way including each other. We were introduced to one another at Social Dance classes. We are now proud to say that after 8 years of Dance Instruction with highly qualified and skilled Professionals we are still extremely happy, madly in love and now called Mr and Mrs…”  

-- Theuns and Denise Van Der Kolff --

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